BSafal Rethal Greens
BSafal Rethal Greens
Rethal, Sanand Nalsarovar Road
190 acres, 1600 plots
Plot Sizes
500 sq. yds
575 sq. yds
650 sq. yds
1100 sq. yds
A Nice Plot in the Paradise story BSafal Rethal Greens. An Idea Bears Fruit.

Like all things nice around us, bSafal Rethal Greens is a carefully planned idea whose time has come. What was just a patch of Rethal (Gujarati for sand) land was envisioned as a bountiful orchard and beautiful residential area by us. We will be seeding the earth with lemon, guava and chickoo trees and creating a bountiful natural paradise of a location for your home. So you can lose yourself in the verdant goodness that's a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the urban rigmarole. bSafal Rethal Greens aims to be the place where your generations can live in harmony. A patch of true natural bounty that will sustain itself for generations to come. So that you, your children and your grandchildren can know what it means to be at peace with mother earth. In short, it will be the investment of a lifetime, while being a relaxing retreat of the first order

One Seed. One world

From every little seed we'll be planting, a new world will sprout. It is but natural that you too would like to be a part of this ecosystem that teems with nature in all her glorious hue. Be here and surround yourself in the luxurious embrace of god's green earth.

Plumage to Match the Foliage.

Should you become a proud owner of a bSafal Rethal Greens plot, you would see that a variety of our avian cousins grace your home patch every day. Thanks to the famed Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, that's just 15 Km away from your plot, and of course the fruit trees you'd have in your plot. Nalsarovar is a lake spread out in 123 sq. km. and attracts over 210 species of birds in the winter and spring seasons. The lake and its vicinity prove to be a veritable feast, as thousands of wading birds feed in the shallow waters of its outer fringe, and in the lake itself. Rosy Pelicans, Flamingos, White Storks, Brahmini Ducks, Herons, Sarus Cranes, you can see them all here. In addition to the migratory waterfowls, a few endangered species like the wild ass and the blackbuck also call Nalsarovar, home. Now imagine waking up to their chirping calls and sweet songs. Or calling it a day as they do too in their dulcet twittering. And that's just one of the perks of having your own plot here.

A Million Natural Hues.

Lemon yellow, earthy brown, parrot green, guava pink, watery blue and a million shades of every colour imaginable. All around you, to soothe and indulge the eye. That's the picture we'll be creating in the vicinity of Nalsarovar. Rest assured, an open window will be nothing short of a delightful kaleidoscope.

A Paradise for Sport.

Nestled amongst the acres of perfect natural beauty would be contemporary recreational amenities that will pamper you to the hilt. That's the dreamy rationale behind our much feted Sports Zone where you can indulge in any sport your heart desires.