upcoming project

Spread over of 10 million square feet in the serene land of natural lakes, lush green landscape, deers and migratory birds, Green Forest is our upcoming project near the Thol wildlife bird sanctuary area. Located at around 20 minutes drive from the city limits of Ahmedabad, Thol is a famous and protected migratory wildlife bird sanctuary. Tourists and bird watchers from all over the state flock to Thol in the winters to watch for the Siberian birds of all hues and colors.

Thol wildlife is a naturally formed freshwater body surrounded by scrubby forests and low marshes. It's home to more than 100 species of birds who fly from all over the world to this beautiful natural lake during the winters.

Green Forest, our project, is located near to the Thol sanctuary, a 5 mins drive from the sanctuary. This is being planned as a weekend farmhouse scheme with premium amenities and facilities. The total project land stands around 10 million square feet. The project is under the design & layout planning stage and you can expect us to launch the first phase in the next few months.